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Although Collection

Background imageAlthough Collection: Card Game - The Game of Suffragette

Card Game - The Game of Suffragette
The Game of Suffragette was devised and produced by the Kensington branch of the Womens Social & Political Union. It was announced in the November 1907 issue of the Unions publication

Background imageAlthough Collection: Boeing Model 83 NX7133

Boeing Model 83 NX7133 (msn 1039, aka XF4B-1 number 1, A8129), first flown on 25 June 1928. The first of two XF4B-1s (Model 83 and Model 89), which remained Boeing-owned

Background imageAlthough Collection: St Stephens crypt

St Stephens crypt
Although St Stephens Chapel was destroyed by fire in 1834, the crypt below St Stephens Hall, the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, which had fallen into disuse before the fire

Background imageAlthough Collection: Apothecaries Company

Apothecaries Company
The Lambeth Drug Mill stood in Grays Walk, roughly where the Ethelred Street estate now lies, to the north of Black Prince Road

Background imageAlthough Collection: Rosemary Branch

Rosemary Branch
View of the Rosemary Branch Inn in in Peckham in 1800. Although rebuilt, a pub of that name remained open until 1971, Date: 1875

Background imageAlthough Collection: Greenwich Pensioners

Greenwich Pensioners
Group of Greenwich Pensioners, the Naval equivalent of a Chelsea Pensioner. Although the initial concept of a Greenwich pensioner was that of someone living in the Royal Hospital Greenwich

Background imageAlthough Collection: Memorial to poet and musician Ivor Gurney, Belgium

Memorial to poet and musician Ivor Gurney, Belgium
Similar in design to those for Ledwidge and Chavasse, the memorial was unveiled on 12 September 2007, the initiative of Piet Chielens and the Friends of the In Flanders Fields Museum

Background imageAlthough Collection: Canadian Regiment la Chaudiere Memorial d Anguerny

Canadian Regiment la Chaudiere Memorial d Anguerny
Although the names are clearly marked neither Laudry nor Dallaire are listed in the Commonwealth War Graves Database. Both Louis & Arthur Roy come from Kedgwick New Brunswick so are probably related

Background imageAlthough Collection: Casmuniz 52 PT-AZU

Casmuniz 52 PT-AZU (msn 1, also, known as Casmuniz 5-2). The sole aircraft first flew in April 1952 and completed flight testing by 1955, whilst registered as PP-ZPD

Background imageAlthough Collection: Brabyns Brow, Marple, Cheshire

Brabyns Brow, Marple, Cheshire
Although no longer cobbled, this view remains much as it was over 100 years ago when this photogrpah was taken. George Potter

Background imageAlthough Collection: Normandy: The advance to Troarn

Normandy: The advance to Troarn
Photograph: Normandy: The advance to Troarn. Although thick mud is holding up operations in the Caen sector, a double blow by British and Canadian tanks

Background imageAlthough Collection: Suffragette Mens League Shop

Suffragette Mens League Shop
The Mens League for Womens Suffrage was founded in 1907 by Herbert Jacobs. Although it was non-militant and was not affiliated to any political party

Background imageAlthough Collection: Wight Trainer Seaplane first of only two built Although

Wight Trainer Seaplane first of only two built Although rejected, this aircraft could be considered the worlds first type specifically designed for training

Background imageAlthough Collection: Gloster SS37

Gloster SS37
Although the Gloster SS37 was built using mainly Gauntlet components it closely resembled the Gladiator

Background imageAlthough Collection: North Metropolitan Horse-drawn Tram

North Metropolitan Horse-drawn Tram
A horse-drawn tram used on route 270, Moorgate Street to Green Lanes, run by North Metropolitan Tramways. A number of men occupy the open upper deck

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