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Actinopterygii Gallery

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Malacosteus niger, stoplight loosejaw
Pterois volitans, red lionfish
Pomfret illustration
Naso lituratus, orangespine unicornfish
Plate 130 from the John Reeves Collection
Black jewfish
Black jewfish
Scorpaena volitans (Pterois volitans)
Cyprinus hybiscoides, common carp
Haliaetus leucocephalus, bald eagle
Tetraodon lineatus, globe fish
Hairy Anglerfish, Caulophryne pelagica
Anarhichas lupus, wolf eel
Kyrtus indicus (Kurtus indicus)
Muraena helena
Lophius histrio or The American toad-fish
Various seahorse species by Marcus Bloch
Torpedine, occhiatella
Loucounany, sunfish
Hemibrycon taeniurus, Mountain spring sardine
Anampses cuvier, pearl wrasse
Zeus gallus and Zeus insidiator
Pleuronectes zebra (Synaptura zebra)
Zeus ciliaris (Alectis ciliaris)
Scorpaena antennata (Pterois antennata)
Scorpaena horrida (Synanceia horrida)
The Sea-Pea-Cock (Malacanthus plumieri)
Cepola taenia or the Band-fish
Blennius ocellaris or the Butterfly fish
Callionymus lyra or the Gemmeous dragnet
Trichiurus lepturus or the Sword fish
The Striped fish (Arothron stellatus)
Tetrodon ocellatus (Takifugu ocellatus)
Ostracion nasus (Rhynchostracion nasus)
Ostracion cornutus (Lactoria cornuta)
Pogonophryne scotti
Southern pigfish, Congiopodus leucopaecilus (originally Agri
Dorataspis diodon, radiolarian
Himantolophus groenlandicus, football fish
Museum scientists holding Oarfish specimen
Painted skull of Arius sp. crucifix fish
Chaetodon lunula, raccoon butterflyfish
LS Plate 151 from the John Reeves Collection
Trachinotus carolinus, Florida pompano
LS Plate 179 from the John Reeves Collection
Clinus superciliosus, super klipfish
Rastrelliger kanagurta, Indian mackerel
Echiichthys vipera, lesser weever fish
Agrias claudina, butterfly

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