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Accuses Collection

Background imageAccuses Collection: FREDEGONDE ACCUSED

Bishop Praetextatus accuses Fredegonde, mistress/consort of Chilperic king of Neustria after he murdered his wife Galswinthe, of the death of Sigebert king of Austrasia. Date: circa 580

Background imageAccuses Collection: Peer Gynt encounters the TROLL-WITCH who accuses him of being her former lover

Peer Gynt encounters the TROLL-WITCH who accuses him of being her former lover and the father of her troll-child

Background imageAccuses Collection: Circumstantial Evidences by John Hassall

Circumstantial Evidences by John Hassall
Oh you naughty boy! I saw you throw it! Falling snow from a nearby roof has suddenly landed on top of a bemused woman in a large heap, as a innocent boy passes by. Date: 1909

Background imageAccuses Collection: FRANCE CAN T REPAY LOAN

France is unable to repay the American war loan. Marianne accuses Uncle Sam of being a Shylock. Date: 1926

Background imageAccuses Collection: Polluted London Water

Polluted London Water
THE CITY NARCISSUS Punch accuses Londons officials of being too self-satisfied to realise the danger to the the citys health from the polluted water of the Thames Date: 1849

Background imageAccuses Collection: Skirts too Short 1912

Skirts too Short 1912
Mistress to maid : Julie, you shouldn t wear such tight skirts, you are showing far too much leg... Date: 1912

Background imageAccuses Collection: Madeleine Bavent Exorcis

Madeleine Bavent Exorcis
Madeleine Bavent, a young nun at Louviers, France, is exorcised : through her, the demon accuses the priest Boulle of seducing her - he will be burnt on her say-so

Background imageAccuses Collection: Napoleon Exiled on Elba

Napoleon Exiled on Elba
Napoleon exiled to Elba - a French view which accuses him of blowing himself up so big that finally he burst !

Background imageAccuses Collection: The Five Members

The Five Members
THE FIVE MEMBERS Charles enters Parliament and demands the five members he accuses of treason; this high handed action (which is refused) precipitates the war

Background imageAccuses Collection: Play / Galsworthy / Loyalty

Play / Galsworthy / Loyalty
De Levis accuses Dancy of being a thief in the play written by John Galsworthy, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932

Background imageAccuses Collection: Ste Genevieve and Doe

Ste Genevieve and Doe
Genevieve de Brabant, countess Palatine, is turned out by her husband when Golo (who lusts after her) accuses her of adultery : in the forest she and Benoni are saved by a doe

Background imageAccuses Collection: Hereward & his Mother

Hereward & his Mother
HEREWARD THE WAKE Herewards interview with his mother and the priest Herluin, in which she accuses him of robbing the Church of God

Background imageAccuses Collection: Marie-Cath. Cadiere

Marie-Cath. Cadiere
MARIE-CATHERINE CADIERE, of Aix-en-Provence, accuses her spiritual director, Jesuit pere Girard, of bewitching and seducing her : he is acquitted but a public outcry ensues

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