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Abraham Gallery

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Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Mrs. Bixby, with bust-length
Abraham-Louis Breguet
Lincoln Assass. / Playbill
Golden sayings of Abraham Lincoln
Masjid Al Haram, Mecca
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
Portrait of Roman Emperor Majorian
Spirit Photo Mumler
Portrait of Roman Emperor Pupienus
Portrait of Roman Emperor Vespasian
Map of Germany and current Netherlands. Theatrum Orbis Terra
Abraham Edmonds
Abraham Lincolns address at Gettysburg
CRESQUES, Jafuda (1350-1410); CRESQUES, Abraham
Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front
Genealogy of Jesus
Abraham purchasing cave for a burial place
Abraham Lincoln Statue, Westminster, London
Abraham Newland - 2
Barbers shop with Monkeys and Cats
Mr. Lincoln. Residence and horse. In Springfield, Illinois
The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D. C
Abraham Whipple
Whist Party at Athenaeum
Lincoln Inauguration
Assassination of Lincoln
Abraham and Isaac carrying the wood for the sacrifice. Engra
Map of Central and South America. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World) by Abraham Or
Portrait of Roman Emperor Olybrius
Portrait of Roman Emperor Gaius Iulius Verus Maximus
Portrait of Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus
Electrical dischargers and doublers, 18th century
Diagrams of magnets, magnetic fields, iron filings, etc
Coach suspension machinery for horse-drawn carriages
Ancient altars, characters, and John Napiers bones
Ancient water clocks or clepsydrae
Ismidt (Izmit), Turkey
US President Abraham Lincoln and Star & Stripes
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598)
United States. Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Abraham Lin
Lincoln Memorial. Washington D.C. United States
Rebekah Comes to Isaac
BRAUN, George (1541-1622). Civitatis Orbis Terrarum
Sacrifice of Isaac, 1527-1532. Polychrome sculpture
ORTELIUS, Abraham (1527-1598). Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
Mrs H. J. Tennant

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