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A Feathered Bonzo - cover of the Third Studdy Dogs Portfolio


Nobody Loves Me by George Studdy


His Master's Vice by George Studdy


A Cat and Dog Life by George Studdy


Studdy's Nightmare by George Studdy

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Bonzo's Latest: This Week's Studdy


His Broadcast Master's Voice by George Studdy


One Man's Meat- by George Studdy


My Mistake by George Studdy


A Miscarriage of Justice

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I Don't Know Where I Am by George Studdy


Rabbits, I believe by George Studdy


Fair Exchange by George Studdy


I'm beginning to think somebody loves me! by G.E Studdy


I Feel So Happy Today

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Bonzo Blows a Bubble


Ignominy by George Studdy


William Tell, Junr. by George Studdy


Katergy by George Studdy


A Capital Levy by George Studdy

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What Would You Do?


Bonzo tries to make both ends meet


Bonzo strives for higher things


Bonzo brightens up Noah's arc


The Studdy Dog - Somebody Cares by George Studdy

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The Studdy Dog - His Master's Vice by George Studdy


The Studdy Dog - Who's Calling Me Names by George Studdy


Lost Ball by George Studdy


A Pull to Leg by George Studdy


Jimmy Wild by George Studdy

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Dormy Six by George Studdy


The Ball Boy by George Studdy


The Treasure by George Studdy


Beaver by George Studdy


The Communist by George Studdy

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The Pot-Hunter by George Studdy








Just a wee note by G.E Studdy

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I'm dropping in soon by G.E Studdy


I've lost my heart properly this time! by G.E Studdy


Don't worry about me! by G.E Studdy


Forget me-not by G.E Studdy



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This Week's Studdy - Bonzo's Winter Sport!


This Week's Studdy - (Pillow)


The Water-wave! by G. E. Studdy


This Weeks' Studdy - As Master Sees Me! by G. E. Studdy



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